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Methods of Promotion:

  • PPC advertising used to be popular to promote online poker. Unfortunately promoting poker properties on overture and google adwords is no longer an option. You can still use second tier PPC search engines, but they receive considerably less traffic. It is often too expensive to bid on common terms such as 'poker' or 'internet poker' , affiliates are discovering it more lucrative to bid on terms that are less searched, which results in lower bids. For example, 'online poker rooms' 'safe poker online' etc.

  • Online poker is hugely popular especially amongst the younger generation and college/university students. When visiting with this demographic try mentioning your website should the topic of poker come up.

  • If you're patient you could always try the time tested method of SEO (search engine optimization) this method is free, but it may take months until you're listed high.  Do take into consideration that there is a lot of competition, and the odds of getting listed high are low. If you do get listed near the top for a poker term the rewards will more than justify the time spent optimizing your website. 

  • You might consider the possibility of advertising in poker or mens magazines, especially if the demographic is 18 - 35 years of age. We do not recommend you advertise with Gambling Online Magazine, as the magazine is over saturated with ads. Magazine advertising should be kept outside of the USA.


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